Illumination was comparable to a slightly foggy day

The NFL ratings malaise is being puzzled over by everyone from media executives to stock analysts, who offer a variety of speculative causes. Everything from fantasy football to Twitter live streaming to the shorter attention spans and habits of millennials has been cited. But none of these entirely add up. Cheap Jerseys china EvenContinue reading “Illumination was comparable to a slightly foggy day”

He outlasted a Super Bowl winning coach

QUARTERBACKS1. Robert Griffin III: Was benched by Redskins last year, but 26 year old is the most proven quarterback available.2. Brock Osweiler:Started just seven games for Broncos, mostly playing behindPeyton Manning.3. Adickes pointed out that the hardware in Rodgers’s shoulder a plate on the front of the bone and one on the top, secured byContinue reading “He outlasted a Super Bowl winning coach”

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